lincoln portrait Young Lincoln portrait

An Analytical Biography of a Great Mind- by Edward J. Kempf


* Dr. Frechette's emphasis

{1} See Frontispiece. Lincoln's full face photograph, age 54.
{2} Illustration No. 2. Life Mask by Volk, 1860.
{3} Illustration No. 3. Life Mask by Mills, 1865.
{4} Mock (1950) reports that about seven per cent of untreated fractures of the skull in children end fatally. Most such fractures were caused, before the automobile, by being kicked in the head. Electronic recording has now shown that an appalling amount of damage to the brain, heretofore unsuspected, follows from blows on the head, at the point of impact and from hydrostatic repercussion (contra-coup), and through the production of numerous, small (petechial) internal hemorrhages as well as subdural blood clots, without external evidence of fracture.

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