lincoln portrait Young Lincoln portrait

by Claude N. Frechette, M.D.


Anthropomorphic Analysis

The determinations of LN and ME were surprisingly accurate in all of the Lincoln images. The difference between the calculated position of ME and the visual assessment of this point was always less than 1 mm, or a mere 0.5% of the total length of the face. This, in my opinion, is well within the limits of error for a retrospective study of this type. Therefore, I felt that the method was valid, and would offer a degree of scientific certainty if the same results were found in the Kaplan image.

When the same method was applied to the Kaplan (Figure 1A), the same results were obtained. The relative distances LC-ST, ST-ME, and ME-LN were identical. I therefore concluded that the vertical dimensions of the mandible, maxilla, nose length, and the position of the orbits of the face shown in the Kaplan were the same as those of the face of Abraham Lincoln.

Figure 4

Young Abraham Lincoln
Kaplan Daguerreotype
Early 1840's
Early photograph of Abraham Lincoln
Meserve #1

President Lincoln

Results of anthropomorphic analysis show identical horizontal and vertical bone structure. Note that all the images appearing in this report, have for purposes of presentation, been reduced in size from those used in the study.

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